Guest Post: 5 Amazing Bits of New Tech We Saw in Plain View at IFA 2019

Gaming Controller

IFA 2019 has seen a huge number of declarations from real gadgets brands, with new televisions, telephones, and smartwatches in abundance. Here are 5 great bits of innovative technologies we spotted on the show floor this year.


1. Restorative Exoskeleton


Russian organization is helping individuals along this adventure with its medicinal exoskeleton. This gadget can manage the development of patient’s body.

2. Network Controlled Submerged Automation

This device can help individuals from around the globe can see the life under the sea by using 360° camera .


3. Savvy Bicycle Protective Cap Guards


One really valuable item in plain view was the Livall brilliant bicycle head protector. It has sensors to identify the level of lights and turns on front and back lights for clear vision.

4. Gaming Controller


This input device can easy control the game or any character in the game.




5. Mechanized Vegetable Grower Removes the Mystery from Cultivating


The Vegetable grower is a hydroponic machine which waters, nourishes, and enlightens your plants and extends as they develop.