Guest Post: All You Need To Know About VoiceStak

All You Need To Know About VoiceStak

VoiceStak enables businesses to receive video messages from customers after visiting the website. VoiceStak permits your site customers and visitors to get in touch with you by leaving a comment, question or tribute using voice and video messages. Just add the VoiceStak widget to your site and the iOS application will enable them to present a message that goes straightforwardly into your record. It is an incredible method to manufacture affinity and give remarkable client/visitor support.

The following are some of the benefits of the VoiceStak:

Improves customer satisfaction by having access to the opinion of customers and improve the products by their expectations. Having satisfied customers leads to retention of current customers and acquisition of new ones.


Enhance reputation by learning about your brand, and manage any issue before it spreads into online networks and media. Enhancing the reputation leads to an increase in revenue, market share and customer loyalty.


Increase product innovation by learning about customer preferences. Customer feedback can be used to understand new trends and use the information to produce new and innovative products.


Enrich the marketing strategy by evaluating the influence of promotional activities. Marketing effectiveness can be achieved through the word-of-mouth because satisfied customers will spread their good experience.


Offer better customer services by listening to customers and manage issues before they expand

Features of VoiceStak:


  1. Voice Capture
  2. Video Capture
  3. Lead Capture Form
  4. Widget Customization
  5. Custom Button/Tab
  6. Side and Bottom Designs
  7. Message Reporting
  8. Email Notification
  9. YouTube Integration
  10. SMS Integration


Where To Place The Widget On Website?

It’s a web service that allows accepting voice message on any site. You should simply put their widget either:


  • Inline, on your pages/posts.
  • Side button, which opens the dialogue widget once you click on it.
  • Or on the other hand as an independent page.


Conclusion :

Organizations overall are getting mindful of the significance of reputation in the weight of the present amazingly focused market.

Keeping up a decent reputation has demonstrated not exclusively to build incomes however that occasionally it is a higher priority than the quality of products and services itself.