Guest Post: CHAAYOS Launches Face Recognition Process in Its Outlets

#CHAAYOS is one of the biggest Chai companies in India. As of November 2019, India still does not have face recognition norms. #Chaayos has installed (AI Camera) automatic face recognition systems at its outlets to switch mobile number OTP. #Chaayos reportedly uses automatic face recognition technology that permits devices to spot users by their faces rather than passwords to hurry up orders for normal customers. The technology has been integrated into the chain’s ‘loyaltea programme’ that earns customers points for each visit and let them use it to get free tea.

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The Feature starts without any OPT-OUT


It has been observed that the Indian Restaurant #Chaayos has been using face recognition without people’s consent. But, the entire feature appears to be a threat to individual identity.

Nikhil Pahwa of MediaNama pointed out that there is no guarantee that the customer data will remain safe and private with the company. Moreover, if you go through the terms and conditions of #Chaayos, you will find that the company itself suggested that they could share the facial data along with the phone number and other personal details of the customer with a third party.

#Chaayos claims that their face recognition feature is encrypted and can’t be accessed by a third party except by users for the purpose of logging-in. Customers have the right to not go for the feature and will also get access to an opt-out feature in case they opt-in and change their mind later.

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