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A website without targeted traffic is like a shop without the customers – you get the idea, right? And, there are ‘n‘ number of ways to get the traffic to your website. Here, we will talk about free guest blogging sites. So, let’s begin…

What is Guest Blogging?

In simple terms – When a website owner accepts blogs from other content writers/bloggers/marketers to submit the blog on his/her free guest blogging site that is termed as guest blogging. There are mainly two people involved in it.

The Free Guest Blogging Site owner – Who allows people to write for his Free Guest Blogging Site in exchange for traffic and tells them to follow certain content guidelines so that the content written resonates his audience.

The Content Writer – The one who writes the content for the site owner after asking his permission and following the content guidelines set by the Free Guest Blogging Site.

Why is it Important?

Guest blogging allows the bloggers to reach a wider audience, get a backlink from a quality Free Guest Blogging Site.

The writer establishes his reputation and credibility by writing quality content across domains. Writer’s own website gets better in ranking on a particular keyword that he wants to target in the guest blog content.

Once the content is uploaded on the website, it stays there for a long time improves the statistics with time.

How is it done – The Step by Step Procedure

There’s a standard procedure followed by the writers to write for the Free Guest Blogging Sites.

1. First, the writers search for the best Free Guest Blogging Sites based on their own website’s niche or niche of the topic they write on the most.

2. Based on the search results, they funnel down the list to the high DA websites.

3. Now, based on the content guidelines and tone that a particular website entertains, a list of potential topics are prepared to pitch to the Free Guest Blogging Sites owners.

4. Once the Free Guest Blogging Site owners accept the topic the writers sent them, the writer can continue to write on that topic. When you decide to contact the Free Guest Blogging Sites owner, do include your work samples.

5. Once you submit the content, you then wait for them to publish it.

When you choose a Free Guest Blogging Site, make sure that website allows you to put a link back to your website, even if it is in the author bio section. It’s for the backlink and traffic that guest blogging is done.

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