Guest Post: Google Analytics – An Ideal Tool To Analise Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics is a cloud-based analytics tool that is used to measure and report website traffic. It is considered one of the excellent tools that helps evaluate the number of visitors coming to the website. Google Analytics encourages you to break down guest traffic and portray your group of spectators and their needs. It gives actionable insights into how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back.


Google Analytics provides information about:


What type of traffic does your site produce – number of sessions, clients and new clients.


How your clients associate with your site and how engaged they are – pages per session, normal time spent on the site, bounce rate, what number of individuals click on any link, watch a video, time spent on the website page.

What are the most and least interesting pages – landing and leave pages, most and least visited pages?


Who visits your site – client’s geolocation (for example city, state, nation), the language they talk, the search engine they are using, the screen resolution of their device.


What users do when they are on your website – how long do users stay on the website, which page is causing users to leave most often, how many pages on average users view.


At the point when clients visit your site – date and time of their visits, you can perceive how the client discovered you.

Key Features Of Google Analytics


Built-In Reports, Dashboards and Real-time analytics.

Custom reports, Cohort investigation, Goal-stream graphs, custom measurements, and custom dimensions