Guest Post: How Voice Search is Beneficial for Us

Voice Search

Today, Voice search is part of the daily routine of digital users. Naturally, how we approach voice search will be vastly different from that of text-based searches.

• Voice search technology is easily available for mass market consumer devices, and users are actively adopting its use. Voice searches are growing day by day. Businesses and brands need to act quickly to avoid missing out on this high growth opportunity.

• 20% of searches in 2016 were voice Source: Search Engine Land20 million estimated smart speakers in American homes 52% of smart speaker owners use it for general questions.


Rich answers: Answered instantly, without credit to the site covers short, factual things Google says they don’t need to provide credit because these answers are public domain.

Knowledge Graph: Pulls from a variety of sources shows on the right in a box or above the organic search results in a gallery search results for brands, people, and organizations.

Rich Snippet: Enhances organic search results according to information marked up on the site using structured schema data from rating stars, product availability, and pricing information, as well as photos for reviews.

Featured Snippet: Live at the top of the search results Google pulls the info from one of the organic listings on the first page of search results Google gives that website credit via link or voice.