New Samsung Series Launched in India – Samsung Galaxy Fold with Foldable Adaptable Screen.

Samung Galaxy Fold


Samsung Galaxy Fold with foldable adaptable screen launched in India. The phone will be 

accessible in restricted amounts with its value set at Rs 1,64,999. Not just the Galaxy 

Fold is an incredibly top of the line phone with top equipment inside it, it is additionally 

a kind of test telephone for the time being with its fundamental screen that can be collapsed 

like a book, and a different screen that clients can chip away at when the principle screen is 



The Galaxy Fold will be accessible for buy in India from October 4, with the conveyances beginning from October 20. Galaxy Fold consumers will get a never before experienced new standard of premium customer care in the mobile space, with a dedicated full day expert on call.




The phone has a primary screen that estimates 7.3 inches. It utilizes AMOLED Panel. 

This screen can be collapsed to hand the phone over to a much smaller, ordinary gadget. 

When it is collapsed, the clients of the Galaxy Fold will see and utilize its external screen, 

which estimates 4.6 inches.




Inside the phone, there is Samsung’s own Expose 9825 processor, 12GB RAM, 512GB stockpiling, and backing for double SIM cards. There is a sum of six cameras on the phone. There are two front cameras when users have the device unfolded. These two cameras are 10-megapixel selfie camera and an 8-megapixel depth-sensing camera.


The huge intrigue of the Galaxy Fold is its “foldable screen”. It basically gives clients a devoice that is tablet-like with its enormous screen yet can be transformed into a little and minimal telephone when it is collapsed.