Guest Post: Things To Keep In Mind When Implementing ASO

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization(ASO for short) is a technique that enhances the visibility of apps in the app store.


  • ASO is often referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which describes a similar marketing-related process of boosting your web content within search engine results.
  • The most important difference between SEO and ASO is that SEO applies to online web search engines, whereas ASO applies to the performance of apps in mobile app stores like Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore (iTunes).


Things To Keep In Mind when implementing ASO:

  • Make use of ASO-Relevant metadata.
  • Apps distributed in the Google Play Store are given 50 characters to frame an application title, but in fall 2017 (with the arrival of iOS 11) 30 characters limitation were presented.
  • If your app is offered in 20 various countries, make sure to localize the app title as well.
  • A subtitle should always relevant to the title because it’s forever displayed below the title throughout the iOS eleven App Store.
  • An app description provides users with structured info concerning your app and inspires your app’s content and functionality.
  • Keywords are almost a magic word in App Store Optimization.
  • Avoid duplicate terms in the app title, subtitle and keyword field.
  • Make sure your app can be found for the highest possible amount of keyword combinations and phrases.