Guest Post: VoiceStak – A Boon For The Business Growth


Today, customers look for fresh innovations to connect with online businesses. The more ease the communication is, the more good relationship a customer can build with a business. This is where VoiceStak comes into the picture. It is a kind of software that is enhanced by the most powerful features. Designed to capture customers’ messages, feedback, and reviews in the form of voice. The expressions of the customers in the form of voice recording helps businesses to better clarify their needs.


This software can also integrate with all of the popular SMS and Email Marketing platforms so businesses follow up via email and text message. The most common marketing platforms are email integration and YouTube integration.

How Businesses can use VoiceStak

Businesses make sure to pick a customized widget for the site and keep it always visible to the customers. They must prefer locking the widget on the bottom of the website. After that, they can have the VoiceStak pop-up on any image, button, or link of the website. VoiceStak helps in increasing:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Business Sales
  • Referrals
  • Price Point


How Can Customers Use It?

VoiceStak is simple and easy to use. Site visitors and customers leave a message in 3 easy steps with nothing to install or download:


Record the concept: A user can either make video or record voice messages.

Examine the concept: A user may also examine the concept after recording. If it needs to be modified, then one can re-record it.

Mail the concept: Just require one particular press; a user can certainly mail the concept.


VoiceStak has a basic part of your association. It incorporates a ton of incredible advantages that are easy, advantageous to use just as gifted. For example: SMS/Mail signal, Mail Integration just as especially.


YouTube Integration: The voice idea of one’s customer can certainly to add on your own YouTube account, to transfer the thought straightforwardly into your site inside the most effortless way.


Introduce wherever: VoiceStak enables you to upload voice or maybe video messages any place you might want, for example, buy the site, landing page, help work area, contract and numerous extra in which simply require can unquestionably various hints of coffee screenplay signal.


Mail Integration: By utilizing VoiceStak, you can include any guests for an email automated assistant which thusly helps you answer the recommendations immediately just as ensure they are completely fulfilled.