Guest Post: What is VoiceStak?

what is voicestak

What is VoiceStak?


In simple words, VoiceStak is software that enables you to transform any site into a commitment, trust-building, client holding, deals boosting machine by empowering you to capture voice and video messages on your site from your visitors and customers. VoiceStak is mainly used to leave an audio/video review on any website and there is no requirement for your client to download or install anything, they can simply leave you feedback as video or voice recordings.

Why you need to go for VoiceStak?


  1. VoiceStak is natural

The most usable, regular, and quick strategy for human correspondence is the spoken word. There are still a few difficulties related to voice innovation in regards to equipment getting highlights, background noise, and errors.


  1. VoiceStak Technology saves time

The best mobile application engineers like making use of innovation because it’s quick and saves time. Organizations contract iOS application engineers who understand this innovation because speech acknowledgment innovation is quicker than typing on Smartphone.


  1. VoiceStak offers varieties

VoiceStak enables you to comprehensively describe objects in terms of their characteristics and functions.


  1. It improves Customer’s Satisfaction

VoiceStak avoids modality errors which provide appropriate mobile app interaction. If you need to rank high in query items while attracting new customers/visitors, you ought to coordinate this innovation into your mobile application.


  1. It expands your mobile app boundaries

With VoiceStak, the little screen of cell phones won’t be a limitation. This is because the highlights joined to the voice search extend the limits of your mobile applications fundamentally.

What is the future of VoiceStak?


Based on the statistics and numbers we presented, VoiceStak is in a position to play a significant role in eCommerce. The entire infrastructure needed to allow voice commerce to grow is already in place and is becoming one of the quickest innovations to be adopted in recent history

VoiceStak likewise lets you figure your email list simultaneously as get-together testimonials and feedback. You can begin building an enormous list – transforming guests/clients into loyal subscribers as VoiceStak incorporates flawlessly with your preferred email automated assistant. Automatically add guests/clients to your email list when they send you a message.

VoiceStak incorporates the entirety of the well-known email providers, including:

  • A Weber
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusion soft
  • iContact
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp